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Corona & Camping — Our Genuine Life

With everyone having to quarantine all of a sudden after Spring Break, those of us who are wanderlusters, had a tad bit of a travel itch. By May, we were chomping at the bit to take our little one somewhere, but be socially responsible so that we could social distance and enjoy the outdoors. To […]Continue reading “Corona & Camping — Our Genuine Life”

The Fairies Go Camping — floweralley

The fairies wanted to celebrate the Spring Equinox by going on a camping trip. I agreed only if RBG went along to chaperone. They seem to be having a great time. Of course Wingrid, being a ghoul, must sleep during the day. RBG has taken up fishing. I hope this won’t encourage her to retire […]Continue reading “The Fairies Go Camping — floweralley”